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Hey All:

Just purchased a used 2013 Regal, the 4cyl with E-Assist model and the Premium-1 Package (I believe). Silver with the black leather interior, 35,000km so the warranty is still good. Looking forward to the car as a commuter.

So far the weirdest part has been that lack of trunk space. My golf bag is rather small, so it does fit both perpindicular and parallel with the car itself (just barely getting jammed through the rear seat when laid down). I'm not convinced that my father-in-law's bag would fit in there though. So much for Tiger Woods' endorsement!

Otherwise, I'm absolutely overjoyed with my purchase. I was nervous about the FWD on winter roads (I live in Edmonton, Canada), but the car handles well and hasn't given me any grief yet, and I still haven't even gotten winter tires.

Looking forward to joining these forums - seems pretty active around here. My noob question: Why is it still called "2011 Buick Regal Forums" when it seems that us newer vehicles are welcome?

See you around.

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