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New Turbo Owner Phila, PA - The Salesman sold who sold himself

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Hi everyone. I am 34 and I work for a Buick Dealership (O'Reilly Buick GMC) and have sold several Regals since they finally hit the states. I sold my mother an RL3 back in November. I took the new Turbo TO4 over the weekend to show some relatives at a party and ended up falling in love with it so bad and could not give it back. I had purchased a 06 Acura TL 7 months ago which is and was a great car but the Regal Turbo made me forget it overnight. Now I sell these and have presented them for months but after driving it for awhile I was more impressed thasn I already was. The fit and finish is amazing, plenty of power and the perfect balance of ride control. My birthday is tomorrow so I ended up trading my TL in and taking delivery of my first brand new car. I would have never guessed my first brand new car would have been a Buick but the perception is changing for Buick. The quality of this car is up there against any import if not better.
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Happy birthday and welcome to the forum! Now you have another great story to share with prospective Regal buyers. Enjoy your Regal and good luck in sales!
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