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Just picked up a 92 Regal Custom. I hope I'm on the right forum, as I think there is also one for older Regals. Anyway, I'm getting a kick out of this car as the interior is imacculate with that deep red velour interior.

However, the instrument cluster is not working properly. I have tried to search for answers and have not come up with anything I can use. The odometer does not work which I have figured out is common, and not that important to me. The digital speedometer is intermittent (will fade in and out, will go blank and then come back on etc..) and that is important as I was going to have my daughter drive the car.

What I need to know is there an easy fix for this, common loose ground problem or something. Or better yet will a different gauge cluster with non digital gauges plug and play in this car?

If I am on the wrong year regal forum let me know your help in pointing me to the right section is greatly appreciated.

The drives and rides great for a 20 year old vehicle.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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