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NvS Bandits Build Thread

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this is just going to be my build thread for the car. alot of people do these just to keep updated and have a log of things theyve done.

this picture is when i brought it home to show my old man on my lunch break and ask his opinion. "your gonna drive a nicer car than me...."

this is after a quick wash right after i got my tints on

i have my wheels ordered and my fog light covers/bulbs ordered. will be matching yellow fog light bulbs with yellow high beams.

when it comes to lighting for me function>form.

my wheels will be 19x8.5 (in this aspect same as the 19" option wheels) with an offset of 35. gonna have quite a stance going once i get my springs in.

more to be updated this week.
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nice nice!

im the the white on black , with tints!

19x8.5 hmm if you want some serious stance get some wider wheels! and a mild drop nothing to serious,

If you run to wide you'll poke too much and without a drop the stance will just look weird, but its up to you how you define stance and what you like.
i couldnt fit the rear 10's in. i dont want to pull fenders on this thing and i wanted a square set of wheels.

they should turn out flush which will be nice.

these in today. it just started raining on the way home so a DIY should be up this weekend if i dont detail a jeep and a GTI on bags....
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this is what brown did for me today.
19x8.5 et35 miro 279. now to find a powdercoater/anodizer.... :)

pic of the lip

questions and comments.
now to track down different lugs and hub rings.....
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Those rims will look boss.

what color do you plan on anodizing them?

if you want to test out color schemes, check out this paint called plasti-dip, it will peel right off once dried! so if you really wanted you could change your wheel color every week! haha

what color lugs you going with?
plasti dip is the herpes of the VW world...lol

not really good for wheels either. ive done two sets of wheels for people in plastidip....didnt last.

im going to get the centers powdercoated like an orange candy/pearl and keep the lips polished. really light i must say.
Plasti dip ive never used it just herd it was good for DGAF(dont give a fuck) paint jobs, haha

How long did the plasti dip even last for?

nice polish'd lip looks amazing with the any accented bright color.

Is this a legit 2 piece wheel ? or is it just cast?
Looking forward to all that you do with this car. What % tint did you go with?
@royal its a faux 2 peice. its my favorite BBS LM replica....people call me a broke ass for buying reps buuuuut who cares cus i like em.
the plasti dip lasted a long time...the finish on it however lasted 1 week tops. it got faded and terribad looking. then it took like an hour per wheel to peel off....so awful.

i went 35% tint all the way around. kinda wish i went lighter. ive had dark tint before and i hated it. looks shitty on everything and this is a tad classier.
quick wash today and did this :)

still havent gotten around to putting my bulbs in. the headlight high beams are giving me a problem. anyone know how to take em out?
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Can't wait to see it with the wheels on! I've tryed to take the assembly out myself to replace the bulbs but couldn't. If you figure it out please let me know
Nice took off the left size badge!

I agree, even if its a fake 2 piece who care looks the same, i bet you 60% of people couldn't tell you the different between a real BBS wheel and BBS knock off. haha,

or check out these wheels made by XXR you might like them.
xxr's are really cheaply made and the paint is crap. that being said you can get them just about any size/width/offset you want.

i wouldnt put them on my car but they are a cheap option.
XXR's arnt the best made wheels around, but for the price that they are, there pretty decent. Along goes with the sizing option are huge for them.

who made your BBS reps?
Miro 279's

ALT wheels makes miros
ALT makes a lot of knock off,s never owned a set but what makes them sooo much better than XXR's?
how they are cast mostly.
Oh mostly cast wheels, i think we should step up our game and get into the forged category! haha
what further plans do you have with the mods?
waiting for coilovers. probably throw a new sub setup in it. thats the only thing these speakers lack is lows. i have a t01 so i have the base stereo...its not bad for mids and highs.
Which coils you planning to run? Or what springs rates and etc are you aiming for? I'm not a stereo guy i love low's but need ti be Crisp, i used to only run JL, but it got expensive after a while...
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