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Oil for the Regal

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Anyone getting a good deal on oil? On sale anywhere?

Need to get some and so far I've only seen Mobil 1 at full price.
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What mileage did you do your first oil change?
Haven't done it yet. She's right around 3000 right now.
Me too

Haven't done it yet. She's right around 3000 right now.
I've got around 3400 miles on mine. It's amazing how much the motor loosened up since I bought the car. :D
On sale at Auto Zone thru the 6th of Feb

5.28 qt jug of Mobile 1
and Bosch filter

$35.99 + $2.16 tax

$38.15 out the door

edit, and it just turned 4000 miles pulling in the driveway.

hehe - I got to drive it alone/unsupervised
Hello everyone. New Regal T06 owner. Like the forum. I have a couple of questions regarding oil:
1) Is the initial factory fill synthetic?
2) When changing the filter on the Turbo, do you just replace the filter element? haven't been under the hood that deep to verify.
replied to your other msg

and Welcome to RF
Hey Folks. New to the Forum. I did the oil when the car was brand new-I put 380 miles on it and changed the oil but not the filter. I put in Mobil 1 5-30. I did the oil and filter today with 4K miles. I shortened a 32 MM socket (I'm a machinist) so it would fit on top of the filter cap with a ratchet attached. The old filter is lightly pressed onto the cap. Just give it a little wiggle and pull. An O-ring comes with the filter, so change that too. I put a 5.3 quart bottle plus 1 quarts oil.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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