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Good evening, everyone,

First off -- I am the owner of a 2011 Saab 9-5 Turbo4, not a Regal. However, we share powertrain, so I had a question that I cannot get a straight answer about from Saab North America Customer Assistance.

I know our 2.0L turbo vehicles have engine oil level sensors in the sump and have verified this in both the Buick and Saab parts catalogs.

Does anyone know what the threshold is for the indicator popping on... in terms of how low the level must be?

The dipstick on my Saab is inordinately hard to read, with one side reading right around add and the other reading over the full mark. The side that reads over full is probably just excess oil that gets on the dipstick whilst removing it to check.

However, I'm leery to top up as to not overfill the crankcase.

Any idea what sensor threshold is used to determine when the oil level is low?

Just wondering if anyone could help!

Should Saab disappear, I have a feeling I will be around here a lot more! Haha... only a few hundred of these vehicles have been sold in the US and Canada, so we will probably be reliant on Buick dealers and Buick forums should Saab dissolve.

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