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options for rims

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Do you like flashy or simple? keep the stock or drop some cash for a major blinging upgrade to show off your wheels?

I for one like simple, I dont mind spending a little more for some real quality but I like it to look clean and eligant.
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I'm always a stock car purist but alas, I'm an old guy. :)
It always worries me a little when I see things like this.

The stock size and maybe just a little bigger but really somthing that reflects the over all look of the car.
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thats hideous..... luckily i think this is beyond the price range of people that might think of doing that. at least i hope so. i hate seeing a nice car ruined....
I'll probably get something just slightly bigger than stock and also very subtle looking. Don't need anything shiny on my car except the paint.
I can't justify spending an extra grand replacing something that looks perfectly fine already.
If you're looking around, and keep tabs on some data, you'll be surprised how well the OEM alloy wheels compare to what's in the aftermarket, in particular for weight.
sadly most people dont really care how heavy or light a rim is. they only care about how it looks. thats why you'll see so many knockoff wheels available.
If I go aftermarket (very good possibility) then I would probably stay OEM size or maybe +1. Nothing ridiculous though.

As for you Floyd, the wheels look great but that is A LOT of meat on those tires! lol
theres a ton of great options as we share the same bolt pattern as the corvette camaro and most BMW's.

with bmw wheels tho be careful as their offsets are rediculously low and you will have massive wheel poke.

ive been eyeballing a set of team dynamic pro race 1.2 (18x8 38et in silver) they look oem but for an 18x8 they are only 17 pounds.

still i think for 18's the tires are so damn tall....might have to eyeball some 19's
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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