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Performance Enhancements

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Hello folks I am new to the Regal World. I would like a little more HP. I would like to know what is in the realm of the possible? I'm not new to performance upgrades but I am new to these 2.0L turbos so any info would be appreciated.
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Trifecta has a tune for both the GS and the T model. ZZP has an intake and a downpipe. Borla and Magnaflow both have cat back exhaust systems. Supposedly an increase of around 70hp/70tq for everything installed.
check these guys factory, our friends at Pfadt Race Engineering aren’t the kind of people who can leave a good car alone – they’ve added two new upgrade packages for the turbo mill in addition to their existing P35 kit, offering you the choice of 350, 450, or 500-plus crank horsepower.
The P35 package has a suggested retail of $1,199 and takes the 2.0 to 265 horsepower and 342 pound-feet at the wheels, optimizing the stock turbo with a new carbon cold air intake, stainless steel downpipe (available in catted or catless versions), and their own Pfadt Pflash tune.
The newly-unveiled next step up, the P45 package, will set you back $6,250, but upgrades to a Pro-Street turbo, handbuilt 304 stainless tubular exhaust manifold, a new downpipe, cold air intake, high-flow intercooler, and Pflash tune that work together to put 406 horsepower and 380 pound-feet to the tires.
Finally, there’s the P50 package, priced at $6,999. Delivering a claimed 477 rear wheel horsepower and 418 foot-pounds, this turbo package upgrades the same roster of components as the P45, but is intended to take the stock ATS bottom end and fuel system as far as they can go.
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Hello! I'm not an expert in all this yet, but I'm interested in such questions. I esteem your opinions, I think it will come in handy.
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