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Since I cant seem to get the R.O.T.M. going, let's try this:

Saw this on another forum thought I'd try it here.

The game is played as follows. You have to get a picture of your Regal in front of the given chalenge (which I will start with)... First one to meet the challenge gets to set the next challenge and so and and so forth. Try to keep it reasonable and something that isn't city specific.

So the first challenge is: get a picture of your Regal at a car wash

#1 photo must be of your Regal or at least one you took of your friend, no searching on here or google for pictures.
#2 when you make a challenge put it in bold letters to make it easy to see.
#3 NO PHOTOSHOP, just makes this way too easy (if you want to add a funny caption or something that's okay though)
No prizes, sorry:eek:.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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