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Pre-Cut Clearbra

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Well the pre-cut clearbra showed up today. 3m has a nice deal going if you buy past a certain dollar amount you get a mini install kit, headlight protection kit, door edges, and shipping all free.

I'll have some before and after pics by the weekend and a DIY about it also.

yes its a small picture, but it's just uninstalled pre-cut material and doesn't warrant a large picture.
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yeah! kit arrived in Jan. and here it is Aug and no pics. Guess he messed it up!
3M Clear Bra - Worth It !

These clearbra's are wicked hard to get right ! I tried to do my G8GT...finally gave up and paid a shop to do it. I work for 3M and would only use their product (because they're the best, unbiased) but they claim "easy to install"...not quite. I am very patient and tried several times on an easy area (flat hood)....ended up throwing my hands in the air and paying $350 to have it installed. BTW - it is totally worth it. They are hardly noticeable and protect the surface extremely well.
I've always wondered about these. My buddy had one professional installed on his LS lexus and it was a black car but you could clearly see the bra line. I understand the logic behind it, but when you sell it do you take it off or something? I just don't see the point of protecting it from chips if your never going to see that perfect paint? I am missing something here. Can anyone post up some pics on their regal? I'd love to see what it looks like, I am too scared to mess up the lines of the car.
Hardly noticable

The Clear Bra protects high contact area's from stone chips and other crap. They are hardly noticable (3M) and unless you are right on top of them you can barely see them. Yes, they are removeable. They peel right off. I do use a toothbrush along the lines after waxing, it is probably the #1 cause for unsightly lines.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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