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Question on front parking sensor on the GS

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I have a GS with auto. tran. It has both rear and front parking sensors.
When I shift into reverse the rear sensors come on and the light on the dash comes on. when I shift to drive the light goes off as well as the parking sensor for the rear.

In order to make the front sensors work I have to push the button on the dash. The front sensors then work as well as the indicator on the info. screen.

When I turn the car off the front sensors go off and I have to manually turn them on agin when I start the car agin.

Is that how all GS cars front sensors work?
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I don't have the GS, but it sounds right, as you'd only want them activated if you were knowingly driving close to an object, like parallel parking. They wouldn't be on during normal driving.
The semsors activate upon shifting to R,then when shifting to D the front sensors activate until 5mph is reached and then they turn off.
parking sensors

If that is the case it does not make sense. After they turn off and I am going to park the car I have to turn the sensors on manually if I am pulling into a parking spot and not backing in.It seems to me that both front and back should default to on.

I had a Caddillac DTS that worked with default being on.

I called Buick directly which is a waste of time. I know more about cars than the people who answer. She put me on hold for 15 minutes and the next thing I know I am talking to my local service manager. I have an appt. next Tuesday.
Will post what I find out.
Front parking sensors

After quite a bit of runaround I finally got my answer from Buick. You have to manually turn on the parking sensors once you shift into drive or do it when you start the car and b/4 you put it in reverse or the front sensors will not work after you shift into drive .
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