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Quick question about the eassist

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I'm a new member on the forum but I don't have a Regal. I'm curious about the lineup changes for the Regal in Canada. I read that the eassist will become the standard, but will it be at the current base price of the 2.4L or will the new base price increase to that of the eassist? I like the car but the economy of the 2.4L doesn't appeal. Thanks.
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what are you looking for, for "economy"?
Something more comparable to the competition. The competition is generally at < 9.5L/100km, unless I'm cross shopping against the wrong cars.
My guess is that whatever the eassist price is now is what the "base" price will be on the 2013. Just a guess though. What cars are you cross shopping?
Oh geez, any number of the typical midsizes; Passat, Sonata, Fusion, Altima, Optima and so on.
Doesn't matter, I'm told the 2012 EAssist will be priced in Canada at almost $37000, which is crazy. Way too expensive for me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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