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I have a 2011 Buick Regal CXL, and today when I got home I went over a speedbump and my car completely turned off, tried to start it and it did not. After waiting it finally started, me being confused checked under the hood and saw that the positive terminal of my battery was loose. When I went to go back in the car I noticed my radio screen had these stripes going down, I posted two pictures. I can click on the AM/FM and it changes, if I turn the volume knob it recognizes it although it does not actually increase or decrease the volume, but no sound comes from the speakers, also there is no sound from the blinkers, my parking sensors, and door chiming. I disconnected the battery for 15 minutes and plugged everything back and nothing, while the car was on "ON" I took out both radio fuses and although it turned the radio off completely when plugged back in nothing changed. I am seriously frustrated since I was about to sell the car, I looked around in other forums and I came across 1 post that had the exact same symptoms as what I am experiencing, but the person did not find any solution, he took it to the dealership and they where charging him 800dlls to fix it. I also just changed the Cat since it went bad so I really do not want to spend another 700dlls to fix the radio because then it would not be worth selling the vehicle. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, Thanks.


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