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regal body kit

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really wish we could get this in the states!

Sideskirts styling Opel Insignia 2009
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Well I have no idea what pricing that is, im sure if someone ordered on and custom fit it to their own regal and then replicated the KIT there would be a market. but it all depends on market want... but that does give the car a hell of way more aggressive look.
cebo0650 i sent a message via oeminsigniaparts.com and havent heard anything back. i want to know how much for just the front bumper lower deflector?
I guess cebo0650 doesnt want to sell to me. I've seen other users on this board order from him.
Thanks for emailing me back. I got it that time. Guess I didnt think those buggers were so expensive but I guess thats what you get for overseas shipping. Once my tax return comes back I will be getting ahold of you. Thanks again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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