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Regal GS Rear Lip and Euro Headlights

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I was europe last year and bought many parts to turn my Regal back into a Opel, but life intervened and I couldn't get a new car. There simply was no market for an Opel OPC Front grill, Opel logos, OPC steering wheel, etc in the US, that I had to sell them on ebay in germany and take a huge loss.

I have 2 things left apart from an OPC Steering wheel (exactly like GS) and an OPC 6 speed shift boot on ebay in germany right now....One is the Buick Regal GS Rear Spolier Lip.

You might not see the image since this is my first post, but I have it on ebay.

You can get this before the GS comes out.

I also have Euro spec HiD Headlights. Like the Hid headlight in higher trim levels in the US, but a better beam pattern that really can show deer crossing the road from the right much better. Also the headlights are missing the orange reflector so you have a clean looking headlamp.

The headlights aren't on ebay yet but contact me if you are interested. Both of these are GM parts, not aftermarket.

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okay i really want those headlights. i don't have a turbo regal, would i still be able to install them on my regular cxl? if so, how much are you selling them for? you can PM me if you want
do you still have those headlights?

Do you still have the headlights? If so, how much do you want for them? Please PM me.

Hi, i have a 2012 regal cxl with the halogen headlights. I bought the factory
Hid units and they don't work properly. The connector in the back of the unit is different from my stock halogens. Do you know of an adaptor or have a suggestion?

Thank you
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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