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Regal navigation system

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Do you have to have the Onstar directions plan for the nav to work? The reason I ask this is that on the POI it shows all stores, gas stations, ect. I wondered how the system knew all this.. I was assuming because I have Onstar.
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I think that the information you see on your navigation screen is already stored in an internal hard drive. I think the Points of Interests should still be there after your OnStar trial has expired but I'm not sure about the traffic updates.
The POIs are stored on the hard drive and are not provided by Onstar. Traffic and weather are provided by XM satelite. You do have to subscribe specifically with XM to continue to receive traffic and weather. I just downgraded my Onstar to the base package and signed up with XM to retain traffic and weather.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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