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I got 2011 Regal CXL T07; we love the car performance;gas mileage. We just encountered a problem with NAV, and I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem. We just came back from a long run 12 hour ride; the NAV system would not store any new address longer than a day. Every time you enter a new address it always starts in Washington D.C. as your home state. Just brought to the dealer they claim the updated the Nav software; but just pick it up tonight and we are having the same problem. Is this nav configurtion problem? Second minor problem is that service suspsenion system waring came up, dealer claims no code was store.

This dealer is pretty good so I am sure they will find he problem but I was wondering if anyone else encountered this. Thanks
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I have a TO7 as well. I have had it for 6 months. I have not experienced either issue you are seeing.
I have the TO7 and have seen the service suspension message come up 3-4 times in the last few months since I've had the car. I was worried that since it didn't seem to set a code, the dealer may not be able to address it or find the cause. There must be some sensor that is detecting something that should be a place to start. It seems to happen more after I've used the suspension "Sport" and "Tour" buttons and then I can sometimes see the message when I start the car later or the morning after. I was planning to ask them to look at it on my next oil change. We'll see....
Buick navigation!

Yea i have the same exact problem with my navigation system, it does not store new address, it does not let me add new destinations, and it always starts just like you said from Washington DC, the bluetooth phone option doesn't allow it to work anymore, and the compass doesn't find itself anymore what direction I'm going. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
My navigation stopped storing recent entries. I thought i would erase the ones i had, maybe it was full. I had Onstar upload a new destination, after getting there and turning off the vehicle i thought it would be ok. Got back in the vehicle and all the previous destinations that i erased were there again and nothing else. I also found that every time i start the car the same song from the HDD starts, no matter what i left off listening to when i shut the vehicle off. I have had the vehicle 1 year. Anyone else have this problem???
I am having the same problem Buick refused to fix the problem I purchased my car at Mini of Valencia CA Near six Flags CA.
This is my first buick and my first American car in decades.

My previous cars were all toyotas and while under warranty the dealership loved to find every little problem under the sun to fix as it meant easy money from Toyota.

So why are gm dealerships so apprehensive about fixing stuff thats clearly broken under warranty and collecting money from gm? This forum is inundated with stories like this.
I already heard about such problems, but I did not find a solution.
defraggler alternative
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