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Regal owes its survival to China

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Just finished reading an article on how close Buick was to be removed from the GM lineup. It seems that China is the main reason for the recent upturn of Buick. When GM was in talks with the Chinese government to agree on a joint venture. The Chinese government demanded(not asked politely) that it be a Buick. GM originally wanted to bring a Chrysler to China but luckily they are persistent. The article goes in-depth into the whole situation. Click the link below to find out.

Buick may owe its survival to China - The Driver's Seat- msnbc.com
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That's actually a pretty good story. To think that the Buick lineup owes it current existence to one Buick that just happened to be owned by the last emperor of China. GM should purchase the car back and put it in a museum.
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