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Regal Turbo T06 Concerns

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Tranny has a small delayed engagement on a hill from a dead stop.
Also I have recently had poor performance from a dead stop even in Sport mode. Lagging!
A T07 on the lot responed alot bettter, any ideas?
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I have the T07 and have experienced the response lag from a dead stop. It can be a little annoying when you want to count on a quick right turn to merge into moving traffic. A delay of a few seconds is very noticeable, especially to the person you just merged in front of. I was planning to raise the concern to the dealer when I get the oil changed.
turbo lag?

I just chalked it up as turbo lag...moving a 3500 lb vehicle with a 2.0L with nothing but natural aspiration through 2000 RPM isnt going to be easy.

Still, I have an automatic and I find that if I use the tapshift I get better throttle response and can burn through the first couple gears quickly from a dead stop. My only complaint about my TO6 is that in overdrive it does take a full second or two to really engage whether in sport, tour, or otherwise and as you cited thats noticeable when changing lanes with a high speed differential between them. My only solution is to back off the car in front and give myself a few car lengths to get up to speed but from a dead stop it can be frustrating.

I noticed that the A/C, as with most small block vehicles, has a big impact on the power you have on-demand.

Since I cannot find any other threads but SPAM and you guys seem to have TO6/TO7s, do either of you have a smart phone that you paired to your regal?

my infotainment sys wont recognize my samsung infuse (AT&T unfortunately) when I plug it in via USB, and I paired it via bluetooth but the only thing I can do is make calls. I want to stream media to the harman kardon speakers using bluetooth as Ive read that I can online, but when I search for devices my phone doesnt pick up the car speakers when scanning.

Not sure what to do, any thoughts?
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For hands-free phone, I have an EVO 4G (Android) smartphone paired with my car and currently the phone feature works great. When I first got the car, my phone was running Froyo and it worked great, then I upgraded to Gingerbread and it would not stay paired, then I did a hard reset (not for this reason), which erased everything and now it works great again.

Anyway, I don't think the Infotainment system supports bluetooth streaming from "portable music devices". I didn't see anything in the manual about bluetooth streaming. The 2012 version will. I did connect my phone as a USB drive and had it copy (it calls it "Record") my mp3's to the navigation hard drive so now I can play music from the HDD. That is still way better than a disc changer. Streaming music from my phone sounds cool but my EVO 4G is already bad on battery life.
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I have a problem with my rear driver side brakes...they need to be replaced, with only 40,000km on my car.This is the first vehicle I have owned were I have to replace my rear brakes first.I thought by purchasing a Buick, it would have better parts used to on the car.
On paper at least, its turbo 2.0-liter inline-four is plenty adequate, producing 220 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. But the mill is saddled with 3773 pounds of car, which is blindingly apparent in the Regal's best quarter mile run, a 15.7-second pass at 92.8 mph. For comparison's sake, our Regal tester is 384 pounds heavier than the last four-cylinder Acura TSX we tested and 502 pounds heavier than the Volkswagen CC 2.0T.
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