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Regals are Shipping!

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A member over at GM Inside News posted that a dealer inventory search with a 25-mile radius of New York City, showed as many as thirty 2011 Regals inbound or arrived at dealers. That's the good news.

The bad news? It looks like each dealer only got one.

You can check the inventory situation in your own area by clicking on this link.

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Was there any news as to whether or not the Regals have arrived in Canada yet? I would love to go out and test drive one!!!

If the Buick Regal has arrived in the States, the Canadian arrival shouldn't be too far behind. :)
The marketing manager for the new Regal said they don't have enough stock. He was quoted "we can't deliver them to the dealerships fast enough". 1 is better than none though.
if its out in the US. Canada should be getting it nothing later than a month at most. but if they dont really have that much stock in the US. i doubt they will have that much they can allocate for Canada.
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