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Replace ECU and TUNE ENGINE W/O Voiding Warranty

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Alright guys, I've been doing lots of research on how to tune the regal's engine WITHOUT voiding the warranty. Spoke with a service rep today who told me that I could purchase a second ECU - tune it, and then put the original ECU back in whenever I need to go to the dealer. He said a replacement ECU would be about $900.00. Does anyone have any experience with this? BTW, I have a 2011 CXL Turbo T07.
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A lot of guys on the dmax forums do it. You should be able to find a ecu much cheaper tho. Dont know how the regal records stuff and what they can see when you swap.
my ECU is tuned and unrecognizable to the dealer so they would never know. In addition the ecu can be flashed back to stock if need be to avoid complications or concerns.
How is it unrecognizable to the dealer - please explain
Would an ecu like this be compatible? Engine Computer ECU Regal 988375 11 Main ECU Ran Nice 12643469 12642665 | eBay

Can sombody provide me a link with a compatible edu ? Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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