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Report: Buick Regal GS May Get As Much as 335-hp

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Plans for a high-performance version of the newly-launched 2011 Buick Regal appear to be solidifying, with the horsepower output now rising to a lofty 335-hp! During the launch of the 2011 Regal last week, the folks at Car & Driver sat down with GM product boss Bob Lutz, who spoke about the possibility of a high performance "GS" version of the Regal, with all-wheel drive and 335-hp.

As the Regal is based on the German Opel Insignia, this hi-po Buick is easier to build than one might expect, as Opel already sells what it calls the Insignia OPC, with a 325-hp 2.8-liter turbocharged V6 – with all-wheel drive.

Lutz also commented that there's a possibility the car could come with a six-speed manual transmission. He even said a wagon version was initially part of the product offering but that the recession and Chapter 11 filing by GM put the brakes on that.

C&D decided to weigh in on the matter, suggesting that Lutz combine the products to offer a WRX-like Regal GS Wagon, with a six-speed manual and AWD. We have to say, that sounds like a winner to us and would definitely change people's perceptions of Buick – but would anyone buy the thing… other than us of course.

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The OPC looks wicked in the German photos. That would be a great touring car here, if the pricing were sensible.
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