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Let us shed a tear for my 2011 Regal turbo, newly deceased. And for its owner, newly impoverished!

Car has 86,000 miles.

Starting in January (on a very cold day) engine suddenly ran rough and 'reduced engine power' message displayed. Went away once car was shut off and restarted. This continued sporadically but with increased frequency over the next month. Brought it to my local guy told me the codes indicated 'throttle position sensor error'.

Checked on this forum and found that there was a special provision for this so I brought the car to the dealer. By this time it ran very rough all the time, very low power, could barely get it up to 30 mph, stalled sometimes.

Dealer called and said they replaced throttle no problem but car was still running rough and making a noise. They removed valve cover and *surprise* found that timing chain had broken taking at least 2 solenoids with it and spreading metal fragments everywhere.

Option offered were a new engine for $11,000 or a used/rebuilt for $7,000 installed. As the book value for the car is just over $7000 I declined both offers.

So now I have a nice looking piece of junk sitting in my driveway. I guess I'll offer it for a trade in- as a car that needs an engine.

Absolutely wont be getting a Buick again. My wife's 2008 Acura had 140K , ran great, got $8500 as a trade in.

Six years- 86k miles- scrupulously maintained- I'll be lucky to get $1000 for the dead Regal.

Sure leaves a bad taste. And a big dent in my bank account.
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