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Snagged a Brand New '11 CXL w/T04

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Purchased my first ever Buick today from a dealer stuck with 17 (not a typo) leftover 2011 Regals, brand new, not demos. Story goes a FORMER employee was a bit overzealous in the ordering, and they're almost halfway through 2012 with these 2011's sitting there in a row.

Snagged a CXL Turbo TO4 (Russelsheim) with the Nav, upgraded audio and other goodies for $23k before TTL. It was a price that would've been STUPID to walk out of the dealership and not take. Always wanted a Buick, but it was out of my price range, until today, that is.

I really, REALLY love everything about the vehicle, including the accent (ambient?) lighting inside the cabin. The only thing not currently working is the XM weather when I press "Info", but I read somewhere else on this board that I have to place a call into Sirius/XM, as they sometimes don't turn that on for the trial months.

Don't care that it's a brand new 2011... just looking forward to joining the Buick family FINALLY!
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new purchase. That is a crazy good deal! Are you planning on adding any modifications is the future? I have only tinted my windows but there is the Trifecta performance tune that will give you close to 300hp and torque. Magnaflow is coming out with an exhaust very soon. A few other things as well. Have fun!
Congratulations! Welcome to the forum!
Thanks! Nope, I'm a "bone stock" type of person. If I outlay cash for a vehicle, it's going to have the look and style of everything I want, at I price I feel is reasonable. This car fits the bill in this regard, I'm happy with everything as-is!
Congratulations! Location please. Where was the dealership?
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