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Sneak Peek: Baby Buick

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Buick's smallest sedan, known as the Excelle in China, has shown up in the states.

Under the hood, powertrain options are expected to mirror those of the Chevy Cruze. And in a nod to the green movement, GM could also slot a version of the Chevy Volt's powertrain into the baby Buick -- which would be a logical step considering that the Cruze was the primary testing vehicle for the production Volt.

The model could also be sold in Europe. Should the new entry-level Buick go into production in Europe, we can expect the Cruze's 2.0-liter diesel engines to make their way under the hood.

The main focus for the new Buick, however, will be the Chinese market, and, sources are saying, the United States.

Production of the U.S. version is expected to be at GM's Orion plant and will be in the 60,000 unit range.

Source: The Detroit News

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Small European cars don't often do too well here. Cities and towns are a lot closer over there, and drives longer than five hours are almost unheard of. Nothin beats a good old highway cruiser here in the States.
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