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So, why Buick?

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When GM decided to cut back on its product lines, it kept Buick and kicked Pontiac to the curb.

Yet, Pontiac has a much stronger history of innovation and performance. Is GM turning away from these aspects of car marketing?

There is already some evidence that the GM mind set will not go away easily. Their redesigned Equinox is supposed to be a significant vehicle in turning around the future.

Designed to compete against the Honda CRV and other "cute-utes" the Equinox is going toe-to-toe against its competitors on features, but not - by the looks of it - on pricing. You don't have to add much to a 2LT model to end up just south of thirty grand. :eek:

Well, back to the original question... why Buick? Are they planning a dramatic reversal of products, as was done at Cadillac? Given the looks of this Regal, some lessons may have been learned. Let's hope that they don't mess it up with bad pricing decisions.

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I think it came down to sales numbers. Buick was doing well throughout the crisis and the Regal especially. It is one of those models that has been around for years and will be a GM staple for years to come. Personally I can live without Pontiac or even Cadillac. I wouldn't buy either. The Buicks have always been a part of my family and I loved them from when I was a child. Pontiacs in recent history have been a bunch of crap minus the G8 IMO.

Buick has always had a hint of luxury attached to the name. Heck, they did get Tiger Woods to sign on before right? :)
Buick was profitable. Pontiac was not. That is all.
I think Buick also has a longer history than the other GM brands.
I think Buick also has a longer history than the other GM brands.
Yes, I agree. Think of the Grand National :)
I just want to see if GM is really serious about attracting a younger buyer. I like the specs of the Regal GS so far, and I'm very impressed and excited about the 6-speed manual transmission. Once it's available, the test drive will be the true decision maker for me. If it drives great, handles well, offers the technological features that I want and the price is right, then I'm in :)
The Regal GS is going to be pretty sweet :D

Why Buick? I've never been a fan of domestics and have never driven one, but I do like the design of the Regal so I thought I'd give it a try. There's something to be said when a car manufacturer takes time away from a certain model and then re-does it. Hopefully this new Regal and the upcoming Regal GS will reinvent the brand and attract a younger audience as they are hoping. As for me, I'm going to wait until they are available and see how it drives - from everything that I've seen on paper, I'm sold!
I guess this is a good place to start. Why Buick, well why not Buick? The new Regal looks really good and has lots to offer, so why not? Just thought that I'd give the brand a try and if I like it, great, if not, then no harm done - everyone has their preferences.

BTW, the Regal GS looks pretty amazing!!!
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