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Sorry I bought one!

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Been driving my 2011 Regal 3 days and already having the problems everyone is describing about the jerky shifting of the trans. I feel like I've been sucker punched in the face by the dealership.:(
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I purchased a 2011 Regal in July 2010 and the transmision shifts as smooth as silk. The shifts from 1 - 2 and from 2 - 3 are noticeable but the others are imperceptible. There was an ECM update shortly after the Regal became available. This update will appear on the vehicle VIN record and indicate if it has been completed.
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And Ya, get it looked at. Just drove ours for the first time in awhile and its smooth. Just over 8 k on odometer
It's being looked at by the dealership and I also gave them some input from some of your responses. Thank you for your comments.
Hey jersiyindahouse, feedback here on the Buick Forum is a bit lacking, it seems to me, perhaps users are caught up in their daily lives.

Nevertheless, with my Turbo Regal, I found that the problem begins as the weather begins to warm up, with my measurements, at around 60F, it begins. What's the weather like where you are? I believe this is due to a poorly devised cooling system - radiator, transmission, turbo intercooler - which causes not just jerky shifts but also engine knock. I plan to install a transmission cooler and completely eliminate the radiator/transmission routing. I will also do away with the OEM intercooler - which I think is a piece of tish and replace it with an OEM Audi A4 or BMW 3series FMIC. I wonder if anyone else had noticed, it appears that the intercooler lines are criss-crossed. Yet, driving the car in the cooler seasons, the drivetrain system as a whole is best described as tight and flawless. Take heart, I'm sure a few simple modifications are going to put this right.

Yes, I plan to and will modify my car, warranty be dammed!
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It's being looked at by the dealership and I also gave them some input from some of your responses. Thank you for your comments.

I wanted to see if you would be up to posting an update regarding your Regal's symptoms. I hope your dealer was able to correct your concern.

I have a 2011 Regal CXL (2.4 Ecotec) and I experienced similar symptoms with my Regal. I know my dealer performed a calibration, which helped a little. I was also told that it may take some time for my Regal to get used to my driving habits. Surprisingly, by the time I reached about 2,000 miles, the symptoms disappeared! From what I have read from other sources, this is a common concern among Regal owners. In some cases, Regal owners reported that things smoothed out after a few thousand miles. Maybe the dealer was right!

Regardless, I hope your dealership is able to correct the symptom.
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