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Survey says most in car arguements are over directions

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i found this pretty interesting article on autoguide and i agree with it. just last weekend i got into a huge fight with the gf since she didnt really use the written directions that someone gave us. instead she used her phones gps and got us lost. thankfully she doesnt check the forums so im safe. hahahaha. anyways heres the article on autoguide.

warning: dont read it while your gf/wife is around as an arguement might start. lol

Survey Finds Most In-Car Fights Caused by Directions | AutoGuide.com NewsSurvey says most in car arguements are over directions
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I agree with the article. Except with one thing. In my case its my passenger/gf that has poor navigation skills. Since I'm the one driving I rely on her to guide me. We've been lost on several occasions and its always ended in an argument.
I agree with the article. I will send this to my gf for a good read. ;)
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