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The Buick is back!

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The once-dead Buick brand outsold Lexus — a vehicle brand that has long been the dominant marque in the U.S. luxury market — for the first two months of the year, data show.

Not many Americans are aware that Buick is still around, Bierley concedes. Indeed, many analysts have long urged GM to abandon Buick, and it was expected to be one of the first brands to go when the giant carmaker plunged into government-controlled bankruptcy in 2009.

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The Buick is back! No, really
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That's a nice story. Thanks for posting it. Personally, I think Buick is going to stay strong because GM will put the necessary resources into it. If you have one of the most popular brands in the fastest growing car market in the world(China), you are damn well going to make sure it stays that popular. The ever growing competition in China will make GM try to stay ahead of the curve with Buick.

As long as they continue to make vehicles that are distinctly Buick and not just the Buick version of a Chevy, the Buick brand should continue to grow in the US.
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