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thermostat gone at 55000 km

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Something to be aware of, as I don't know if it is a common issue or just a fluke with my Regal (2011 CXL 2.4L German build). I had a high engine temp warning on the dash display the other morning, yet the engine temp indicator was still at 0° C. Temp outside was -7° C. I had the car towed to the dealership as I was concerned about "cooking" the engine. Apparently the thermostat was stuck shut, and thus had to be replaced. The car only has about 55,000 km (33,000 mi) on it. Have an eye on that if you are approaching that mileage point. Also noticed my driver's side rear signal light assembly is "fogging" up with internal condensation. I have had the passenger side assembly replaced twice now for the same issue. Looks like the driver's side will now need replacing too.
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They get you taken care of under warranty?
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