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I have a 2011 Regal turbo (~33,000 mi)that is intermittently showing a problem. Normally it seems fine however I have noticed that after sitting in an office parking lot all day in 95 F heat that the car does not want to shift out of low gear. In the morning and at noon it is OK.

When started and shifted into reverse you can immediately tell that this has happened because when you let off the accelerator, the car very rapidly slows to a stop, almost like the brake is on. When you shift to drive this continues for 2 or 3 miles ( during which I drive at slow speed (30-35 mph) in heavy traffic. But after this distance it will free up and start performing more normally.

I have had the car checked out at my local Buick dealer service dept., however they tell me they can't duplicate the problem and in checking the transmisssion they find no issues.

I know it is something not right, but am not sure what I should do about it. Any suggestions appreciated.
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