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Turning up the boost!

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Just bought a 2011 CLX Turbo. Wondering who makes a download to hop the car up. If there are a few anybody try it yet? Results? Feedback?

Thanks, Rick
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Trifecta tune has a tune. Haven't heard any results though. Check their website and see what you can find. I believe it is like $300!
Trifecta tune has a tune. Haven't heard any results though. Check their website and see what you can find. I believe it is like $300!
I have the Trifecta tune on my Regal, and it wakes the care up big time. I also run E85 which adds a little extra on top of the 93 oct tune. The car detects fuel as it normally does so I can still switch back and forth from gas to corn when I dont make it to a e station. I have been using Vince's(Trifecta) for years. Check out his site and let me know if you have any other questions. Service is very good. There have been issues not related to the tune that Vince has helped me find. My Buick had a cooling issue that the dealer said was no biggie. Turned out to be my fuse block was missing pins, so car would slightly over heat. Vince helped me work through the issue so I could relay the facts to the dealer and they did fix it. I did not tell them how I found the issue..lol Vince did not have to help but he did.

GForce Chip

I tried the GForce chip. It was only $65, so I thought I'd give it a try. It connects to the IAT and, I assume, fools the ECU into increasing the boost.
GForce says to give it 100 miles "for your car's ECU to fully learn the new settings of your GForce Chip." At first I noticed no difference at all. But after some mileage I feel the car is stronger and more responsive both around town and at WOT. I would love to do some really objective testing, but don't have the time.
I do pay a lot of attention to my fuel mileage and have seen a definite improvement, mostly in highway driving. No so much around town.
I had been looking at the Trifecta tune which looks super, but at this point I'm quite satisfied with my car's performance for very few bucks.

EFILIVE.com and the tuner of your chioce. Or tune yourself if you have the knowledge. Use it on my truck.

EFIlive is the best route. I have my regal tuned with this by a professional tuner OE Tuning. Car runs much better.

2011 Regal Turbo CXL (imported)

Hello All,

I have a 2011 regal turbo and added a ZZP intake and then had the care tuned and it has now come to life. The one thing I noticed and did not notice before as I was not looking under the hood really, is that I hear a boiling or gurgling sound.

The care is not over heating according the temp control which is holding at 185. Has anyone else heard this noise under the hood and if so what is and do you think I need to worry about it. I am stopping back by the shop that tuned it to have them take a look.

Do you have the link to where you bought it?
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