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Long shot on this forum, but you might know someone...

Momo wheels and tires off our 2009 VW Jetta for sale. 4 Momo wheels - 2 are about 6 months old with a small spot or 2 of blemish. The other 2 werent even on the car a week and are as close to 'like new' as you can get. Wheels were about $575 new iirc. $375. No Tpms . Do have the lug nuts. 17x7. 5x112. 45 offset. bore: 73.1mm. style: Win 2

4 Dunlop Tires -
approx 75% tread remaining. (purchased from Discount tire on line, used, with 80% tread and werent on the car for 5000 miles. I can dig up the receipt if necessary) No patches/plugs. $200 for all 4 plus shipping

I got around a bit in the truck, and dont mind delivering if your close to where I'm going.

Be in Buffalo, NY next week. So anywhere along my route from MI to Buffalo...





IDK why image codes arent loading pics. Sorry. You'll have to copy & paste to see 'em
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