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What Driving Games Can Teach You About Racing

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Since then, racing games have given us ever-more lifelike physics, graphics and artificial intelligence. We’ve even got the the chance to race online against other humans. Peripherals like real-feel steering wheels have gotten better; the best of them promise racing immersion from the comfort of our couches. It’s all been great fun for racing fans, but is any of it truly realistic? What do racing video games teach you about racing real cars?

Before I go further, let me say I know there are PC racing sims with far more realistic physics models than console games. I’ve played a couple of hours of GTR, but nothing more. But I have played lots of GT and Forza Motorsport and other console racers. That’s the gaming experience I drew from as I tried doing it in real life.

Its a long but interesting read, about how PC video game racing or console racing no matter how realistic it may be, wither it be Forza or Grand Turismo or the acclaimed super physics engine of the new NFS game. Real life racing and video game racing will never be the same.

Read @ Wired for the full feature!
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I never believed racing sims would ever catch up ti real life racing but surprisingly, GT serious it thought would be the most realistic and has thought me a few things over the years!
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