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Whats do you like the most about the Regal?

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We all have different reasons why we wanted it. But what is the one thing you like the most about the car. The one thing that made you chose it over all the other possible choices you were looking at. Share with everyone here what it was since I know there will be a lot of different answers to this one.
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I like that the Regal has retained it's German heritage and handling. Having driven many Opels (including several Vectra's and Calibras) it like the stiff chassis.
Handling, Quiet Cabin, Styling, sorry, couldn't settle on one.....
Definitely how it looks. It might not be what other people think as good looking. But to me I really like how it looks. Its just something about the way it flows that I like.
I like that It's the Agents car. I don't drive it much. Keeps all her stuff out of my car. When we go anywhere in the regal she's driving and I can catch up on the forums/email/news.
i cant choose.....i like everything about it......thats why i want one. it would be really hard for me to choose what i like the most about it.....
Okay. I know I am late to this party but wanted to post, nevertheless.

There are two aspects of the Regal I like most, the exterior design and handling. This is an absolutely stunning automobile. Out of all the cars I have owned, I have never received so many compliments from complete strangers as I have with the Regal.

There is one aspect I would like to change, however. It needs to be a GS. :D
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