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What's your avg MPG thread

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Allright, we're getting some age and miles on the Regals. Whats your avg mpg?

I bring this up because, long story short...

I spend a lot of time in gas sucking v8's. A 1999 Chevy Express 2500 Cargo Van - doing good to avg 12 mpgs. And a 2007 Duramax Silverado - 25 on the eway, but modded for long hauls on the Eway.

So I bought a little rice burning gas sipper thats about half the size of my Silverado and got to thinking, hmmm this 2011 Scion xB has a 2.4L the same size as the Regal. I wonder who can get better MPG's, The Agent (aka WIFE) or me. The Regal or the xb.

(hopefully) here is the EPA comp on the Regal and the xB:
Compare Side-by-Side

I know I have the advantage. Smaller, lighter car. Stick shift vs auto. And a couple million miles under my belt, a lot of it trying to get good mpgs.

so, almost 3000 miles on the Scion xB and here is my avg:

I will keep adding my tanks, so the link should keep updated.

Taking a break from washing/waxing the Regal. I'll post her lifetime avg in a few.....

When I started "the challenge" She was at a liftime avg of 24.x. She has been doing good to bring it up. And she has had a couple tanks at 29 mpgs.

So, What's your avg MPG's?

and for giggles, here is the van. (I'll start posting tanks soon)

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9726 on the odometer.

Her avg is 25.7 mpg
I have 34,000 km (20,400 miles) on my 2011 CXL and am averaging 8.3L/100km or about 27.3 miles/US gal. Of note, I was getting better mileage BEFORE the required solenoid update was done. Not sure why, but it made my Regal a little thirstier.
I'm getting 23.6, that is mostly city and I have about 10,500 miles on my regal
2011 Regal Turbo (11,500 miles)
Daily Drive: Average 21 MPG 60/40 City/Hwy

My G8 GT (Traded for the Regal)
Average 14 MPG (Same exact drive as above)

This is quite a nice affect on my wallet ;)

Hwy only test @75 mph 120 miles 32 MPG on the way back 28 MPG. Probably heat related difference. 32 MPG after dark, 28 during the heat of the day. Maybe wind? The speed was about the same both ways.
Wow..wish mine was better

My turbo with 5k miles using corn gas gets about 18 MPG. A combo of highway and city. I think using the AC auto most of the time cuts down on the mileage. Went on a 500 mile trip and averaged about 24 MPG highway using regular gas.
Two recent 500+ miles trips one with regular and one with premium

Reg: 30.5
Prem: 32.3
Both were 70-80 mph with A/C.

Average mpg is 24.6 with 5350 miles on the clock

'11 Turbo
shes up to 26.2 lifetime avg
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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