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why so many ads on these forums?

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I am a new member on these forums. why are there so many ads for droids, ipads, ipods...... Every sub forum is loaded with them? Other forums do not overload there members with these. Why does this forum have so many??
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Good question!!! This used to be a pretty good forum where you could actually share valuable info and learn something. These jerks have pretty much destroyed it with their ads.
Yea I dont mind the usual ads on the page, but every thread is HIJACKED by these guys. Administrators should do something about it now, its out of control!
Admins need to fix ASAP!!! This could be a great forum for those of us that are fans of these cars, but the ads make me not want to come here, and I suspect others are leaving as well.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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