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will 2011 regal get "smart throttle" technology

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since this is currently a hot topic with most car manufacturers. a lot of manufacturers are currently implementing if not already what is called "smart throttle". if you want to find out more on how it works or if your car has it or will have it. click the link to find out.

note: under GM it lists all models by 2012. which is pretty vague for the 2011 buick regal.

Consumer Reports Cars Blog: Smart throttle: Great idea, but where do I find it?
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hopefully the 2011 regal gets it before it comes out. last thing we need is another recall. imagine having unintended acceleration partnered with the steering issue of the 2011 regal. not only wont you be able to stop you cant steer fast enough either. buick better fix those issues before they release this car.
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