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Will Cadillac 18" CTS wheels fit the Regal?

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Newbie here... with a newbie type question/inquiry! :)
I've had my T03 for a few weeks and I'm really diggin' it! HOWEVER, the stock 18" rims are kind of bland. I've always liked the 18" wheels on the 08-09 CTS (pictured below) (they remind me of the wheels on my '07 TL Type-S). The CTS wheels are 18"x8" which is the same as the Regal 18" rims. Does anyone know if the offset and lug measurements are the same?

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No, those years had a 5x115 bolt pattern. The Regal needs a 5x120 bolt pattern, or at the very least a 5x4.75" bolt pattern, which is 5x120.7 mm. The 2010+ CTS does come with a 5x120 bolt pattern, and I think even the centre bore matches (67.1). I can't find much on the offset of the 2010+ CTS, other than that it might be 48 mm compared to our 41 mm.
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