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Would E3 spark plugs actually make a difference in the Regal?

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I've been seeing a lot of ads lately about the E3 spark plugs. I dont really know too much about them. Do you guys think they actually work or is it all just good marketing on their end? Ive seen so many manufacturers claim their parts do this and that, that I dont know if they actually make a difference or not.
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I've seen them post supposed dyno results showing a slight increase in power and also claims that it improves mileage too. What they're saying is believable and somewhat has supporting proof. But I wont believe it until I have first hand experience with it.
tried them before. huge waste of money. in fact they made the engine perform worse. nothing beats using oem spark plugs. since the gap and heat range are exactly what manufacturers recommend. most oem manufacturers use ngk anyway and ngk is an amazing brand.
Nothing really beats OEM. Although I've tried using copper plugs instead of platinum and I did notice a slight change in power and gas mileage. One of my friends that does tuning said its because copper is a better conductor of electricity. Only downside is they wear down a lot quicker than platinum or iridium plugs which means you have to replace them more frequently.
OEM it is then. Thats why I like to ask questions first before I spend money. That way I dont waste money on useless parts. Plus Ive always had good experience with NGK on all my other vehicles so why bother changing when theres nothing wrong.
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