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Would you buy HIDs?

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Cars on the road these days really bother me when they have the new HID lights. There's so much glare from then. Its like their not aligned properly. I don't think I'd buy them. Would you?
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They'll probably be standard when the car gets here.
I will definitely get them if they don't come with the car. I love having nice bright lights since I live in the sticks.

Agreed... why don't cars in general have HIDs as stock?
I would... do they make them for Regals?
HIDs are made according to the stock bulb size, so once you know what bulb the Buick Regal uses, you just buy the HID kit and install them. For the most part, it's a pretty simple plug and play application.

Agreed... why don't cars in general have HIDs as stock?
Some of the higher end cars do come with stock HIDs. It would be nice if the Regal or the Regal GS came standards with HIDs - pretty amazing. And having the HIDs installed at the factory will ensure that the installation is completely properly and that they are aimed well.
I dont care for HIDs I think you can achieve the same effect by buying expenseive halogen bulb, I went to slyvannia and bought there brightes lights, and they look good to me. Im thinking of getting blue bulbs for my fog lights, anybody know where i can get some? 2001 buick regal ls
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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