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Would you keep your Regal stock or modify it?

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are you the type of person to modify every vehicle you own? do you like to keep it just like how it rolled off the factory floor? whichever side of the coin youre own post up here and tell us why.
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I'm the type of person that I would already have parts for it even before I bought it. lol
I would wait until the warranty from the dealership expires. Then I would start modifying it. That way I wont risk losing my warranty over something so small.
I'm a modify type, but since the Regal is The Agents car, its staying as is.
For anyone that's worried about losing their warranty. As long as the part you installed doesn't have anything to do with what ever part would need warranty repair or replacement the dealership is legally binded to honor your warranty. So for example you install a new exhaust and there's a problem with the ignition system, they're still supposed to cover the warranty. Even if its actually related to the problem they still have to prove that the part you installed is related to what caused the problem.
Modify car

I modify so I do not have warranty problems. I had the brake calipers painted red and am waiting for my estimate to have all chrome painted cabon black metallic to match the rest of the car. The window trim is the big problem. It appears hard to remove and paint. I wll then get black wheels with a red stripe.

Not going to get the chrome painted. Estimate is $900. to $1000 for everything but window trim. Thr front end and rear bumper have to come off to paint the exhaust and front intake. Another $200. to tape the windows. Way to much.
I am now looking at a backup camera that runs to my Garmin GPS or the touch screen. do not want another screen in the car.
Does anyone know if Gentex make a mirror with Onstar and camera?
Also, will any GM mirrors with backup camera work in a Regal?
Modify - working on some GMLan hacks soon

I don't know about Gentex per-se, but I did manage to get a camera working on my regal's nav screen (2011):

plug in backup camera? - Page 3 - Buick Forums

I'm waiting on one last cable to come in, and then may sell kits if I can wrangle up enough interest. I've also been doing some vehicle network hacking and might try to add some other features such as auto-down for the rear view mirrors upon entering reverse..

I am interested in both the backup camera and the tilting mirrors.
I also interested in both the backup camera and the tilting mirrors.
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