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Your last cars

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so heres a thread where you can show off your old rides.
mine in order
95 Saab 900SE Vert Turbo 5spd (wheels, rear sway bar, clear corners, intake, exhaust, bov, black grill)

04 Passat 1.8T (wheels, exhaust, APR tuned ecu, GIAC tuned trans)

08 VW Rabbit (headers, intake, exhaust, coilovers, wheels, misc body stuff, full audio upgrade)

<--Video of the headers and exhaust.

and my bad purchase
86 Wolfsburg Vanagon waterboxer

and now my regal

35% tint. waiting on yellow fog light bulbs so i can do those with yellow laminx and yellow high beams.

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1.6 El
coils, exhuast camber kits sway bars and lot of other goodies.
pictures later

currently bad purchase rust 85 corolla... dunno what im getting into here!...

Debating on next car now... lol
09 Pontiac G8 GT - 6.0L V8 Red, Red/black leather seats, custom dual exhaust, K&N intake, HID projectors, upgraded sound system

I gave in to the fear of gas prices and traded for the Regal.

94 Mitsu Eclipse GS - 2.0L DOHC, custom paint job, 17" Konig wheels/Kumho tires, sound system, custom 2.5" catback

07 Mitsu Lancer GTS - 2.0L DOHC, rally red, Rockford Fosgate sound system, cold air intake
nice. yeah the G8's are nice. theres one by me that is a full on holden conversion....looks rediculously amazing.
I was saving up for CC rims on the G8, but the gas prices just got too crazy...I saw one that looked my mine did. I felt like someone cut me in the gut.
Old Previous/Current cars

03 Honda accord
09 Nissan Rouge
05 Pontac G6-POS

Currently sc400 :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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